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Pibborafi® Puplets are children's toys designed after real people's pets

Each palm-sized Pibborafi® Puplet is (USD)$14.95 each and is designed after a real pet dog from a real American family.

Every Puplet is lovingly crafted by designers in Italy, Iceland, USA and England and represents a true-to-life rescue story and the family behind it.

Dog owners can have their dogs made as Pibborafi® Puplets by getting onto our list here. If chosen, they get their toy free with free shipping. Please note; the list is temporarily closed to submissions due to a large backlog. Rest assured The List will open up soon.

Sales support our Operation PuppyPen™ where twice a year we collect dozens of Pibborafi® – both current and limited editions – and ship them to shelters free. Once there, shelters sell, auction off, or hold fundraisers and keep 100% of the sales to help pay vet fees. It's a real way to help real dogs in need. Isn't it time you did something?

Four Pibborafi® Puplets are available so far. More on the way!

All dogs are welcome on the list but priority is given to rescues. If you are chosen, your toy will be added to our exclusive stable of toys. In return, each dog owner will get the first off the production line free with free shipping to their home or office. Selectees, if they wish to have their dog done, are not compensated in any way and are required to sign a release to that effect.

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About Pibborafi®

In late 2015, a group of veteran toy designers from Italy, Iceland, the United States and England collaborated on a collection of lightweight, palm-sized toys designed after real-life rescued dogs (See how your dog can get chosen!). Calling themselves Pibborafi®, the group, all committed animal lovers, have dedicated their lives to the rescue and care of dogs. It was decided the same values would go into a line of plush that celebrates real dogs.

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