Your Rescued Dog Recreated as a Hand-Held Plush

Each hand-held Pibborafi plush is designed after a real rescued dog from a real American family.Pibborafi


Complaints of the Month/FAQs

Q: Why can't you make more dogs?
A: We're privately funded. Plus side is that we have total control. Down side is we can't make many. Super down side is we must have "Complaints of the Month" instead of FAQs.

Q: Do you guys really design your toys after real rescued dogs?
A: Yep.

Q: Quite honestly, I think Shelterpups or Cuddle Clones do a better job at recreating dogs.
A: Actually, so do we. When you're paying over $100 for a plushie like you do with those companies, they had better look exactly like your sweet fur baby. Pibborafi... consider us the lottery of the recreated-doggie-in-plush business. That means you submit your dog to us, if we choose your dog, you get one free with free shipping to your home. For everyone else, all of our shameful creations go for less than fifteen bucks.

Q: Except for your crappy ad, there are no pictures of your toys on your site anywhere. How do you expect to sell anything?
A: Stephan. Don't think we don't know this is you.

Q: Really? It looks like you decide on what toy dogs to make, then just wait until someone sends in pics that match, right?
A: Hah! That's so scandalous we might start doing that to live up to your question. Alas, we actually do choose the dogs from submissions, but occasionally they end up looking like generic versions of the breed anyway. Our "First Litter" was notorious for that (you do get your dog's pic on the retail tag though!). The Second Litter, being prepped now, employs a molded technique that better matches the exact features of the dogs chosen. But fingers crossed, we may one day measure up to your expectations.

Q: How do I get on this so-called List to have my pup done as a Pibborafi for free?
A: We have just opened up Instagram to recieve submissions onto the List. If you have an account on Instagram:
1. Nominate your own dog by posting to #pibbpickmypup.
2. Get a pic of your pup on there with the dog's name, breed, a little about their adoption.
3. Periodically, we will randomly select up to 10 dogs from #pibbpickmypup and list them on our website.
4. You will be able to visit our website and Vote for the dog you want to be the next Pibborafi (yes, you can vote for your own dog).
5. The winner gets the first Pibborafi plush off the production line free with free shipping to your home or office.
6. You just have to visit the site occasionally to see when we post the finalists to vote on. We will announce ahead of time when selections occur.

Q: Why do you do what you do?
A: A great question. Take a look into the eyes of almost any animal. What do you see? We see innocent souls that need to be held close and rescued from harm. Dogs are especially important to us and through the funds we can funnel through animal rescues and shelter organizations, we are privileged to help all animals from Great Danes to squirrels and everything in between. The toys are simply a means to that end.

Q: Nothing you guys do is consistent. Do you even know what your brand is about?
A: What's your point?

Q: Why is your name so weird?
A: Why are you so weird?

Q: Do you really help abandoned dogs in shelters or is that a marketing gimmick?
A: Yes. That is, we supply Pibborafi dolls to shelters and rescues for free so they can sell or auction them off and keep 100% of the profits for treating abandoned and abused dogs. If you want to call that a gimmick then yes, we gimmick the hell out of it.

Q: You know what, it's just better to donate directly to shelters. Nobody has to buy your dolls.
A: Hmmm. We like your thinking. Email your resume to us here, please. Include a cover letter.

Q: Can you make my rescued cat as a Pibborafi?
A: Well, not your cat.
Our apologies, we just do dogs. But we're sure your cat is very sweet.

Q: Why is the limited edition boxer not listed anywhere on your site?
A: Limited editions are not part of the main Pibborafi stable. They're only present on Amazon.

Q: I don't like shopping on Amazon. Why aren't you in stores?
A: That's one statement and a question. The statement we can't help you with. The question however; we are in a store, it's called Amazon. We think you mean brick and mortar stores. Next time be specific.

Q: How long can you hold your breath?
A: We believe this is a question for accounting. This is customer service.

Q: When did Pibborafi get founded?
A: January 2016.

Q: Will you ever do a pop-up store?
A: Hell no. Well, unless we get people asking for one. Then maybe. If there's food involved. The kind that gets bought for us.

Q: You guys are too bitter to be making toys.
A: That seems more of a comment than a question. Please submit to the comment section. FYI: we have no comment section.




In late 2015, a group of veteran toy designers from Italy, Iceland, the United States and England collaborated on a collection of lightweight, palm-sized toys designed after real-life rescued dogs.

Calling themselves Pibborafi®, the group, all committed animal lovers, have dedicated their lives to the rescue and care of dogs. It was decided the same values would go into a line of plush that celebrates real dogs.

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