to the January 2016 selectees!

We will create a soft, floppy, miniature plush version of your fur-baby — not a plush puppy, but a puplet, and we'll do it for free, guaranteed. You don't need an invitation, or need to register, you just have to get on our list, and then simply... wait your turn.

Your toy will be added to our exclusive stable of toys. In return, each dog owner will get the first off the production line of their toy, free.

The new Pibborafi "Puplets" will be available August 2016!
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Your dog transformed into a soft,
plush children's toy for free? We're America's best kept secret.
Get Your Dog On The List. No registration required.

Pibborafi® will turn your family dog into a soft, floppy Pibborafi® plush for free when we select your name from our List.

If you are already on our List, you can move yourself up by posting a pic of your pooch to our Instagram page.


Starting out in 2011 and operating as Wugadogs™, the company made a name for itself by working closely with animal rescues through Wugadog auctions and by donating plush toys to hospitals and Christmas toy drives. In 2015, Wugadogs assembled a group of artisinal toy designers and officially changed its name to Pibborafi®. The company is working to release hundreds of new Pibborafi® plush puppies for children everywhere.


How it WORKS



Get on the LIST by telling us your dog's name, gender, breed (or breed mix), and why he or she should be the next Pibborafi® plush. Send the information here. It's free, and no registration is required.


We will ask you to supply several clear photographs of your dog from various angles and positions to give our designers the proper information to design your dog. Photographs will not be returned.


Once the toy has been completed to our design team's satisfaction, we will order the toy to be processed for production. We send you the first two toys from the production line free of charge with free shipping to your home or office.


Pibborafi® will choose the next dog to be a Pibborafi® children's toy. We will notify you by email that you have been chosen and supply you with a disclaimer allowing us to create a toy after your dog.


We will inform you of a tenative production schedule that details the estimated time of delivery to you. Throughout the process (typically three to four months), we will inform you of production progress.


We prepare your toy for production and your agreement with us will terminate. You will not be able to claim and/or share in any profits or royalties. However, you will be able to see your Pibborafi® bring joy to children everywhere.


Out of hundreds of entries, which dog gets chosen? Well, every dog has an equal chance of being selected, it's completely random. There are no pre-qualifiers. As long as the pooch is loved and being taken care of with love, whether by a family, individual, or in the care of a shelter or hospital, he or she is a perfect Pibborafi.