Nelliee the Tripod

Winner of the Rescue Hero Contest's HOMETOWN category, and Pibborafi's first cattle dog, is being designed now!

Blue Pre-Order!

Meet the winner of Pibborafi's International Rescue Hero Contest: Blue, a rescued pitbull from Newark, New Jersey.

The Pibborafi Rescue Hero Contest!

The 2020 International Pibborafi Rescue Hero Contest will be announced soon. Get your rescues entered.

About Pibborafi®

In late 2015, a group of veteran toy designers from Italy, Iceland, the United States and England collaborated on a collection of lightweight, palm-sized children's toys designed after real-life rescued dogs. The toys would also be passed along to rescues and shelters to be used for fundraising. The group, naming themselves Pibborafi, was founded in 2016.

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Powerful Rescues with their own stuffie


Pibborafi Rescue Hero – Milo

He's a Great Dane Belgian Malinois mix from Porter Ranch, California
*Out of stock*


Pibborafi Rescue Hero – Ruby

She's a beautiful pitbull from Woodburn, Oregon.
$14.95 each. Buy Now


Pibborafi Rescue Hero – Khali

He's a Catahoula Leopard and Australian Shepherd mix from South Windsor, Connecticut
*Out of stock*


Pibborafi Rescue Hero – Onrey

He's a Bichon Frise from Indianapolis, Indiana
*Out of stock*


Pibborafi Rescue Hero – Maggie

She's a Mastiff from Auburn Hills, Michigan
$14.95 each.
*Out of stock*


Pibborafi Rescue Hero – Lucky

She's a Standard Poodle and Weimaraner mix from Oxford, Michigan
$14.95 each. Buy Now


Pibborafi Rescue Hero – Blue

He's a sweet pitbull from Newark, New Jersey
$15.95 each. Pre-Order Now!


Pibborafi Rescue Hero – Coby

He's a pitbull from California, Pennsylvania
$14.95 each. Buy Now

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FAQs/Complaints of the Month

Q: Do you guys really design your toys after real dogs?
A: Yep. But rescued dogs only. Keep in mind that in addition to the rescues that we're all familiar with, it also includes any dog that has had human intervention to save their life in some way. That could mean a dog bought from a breeder who suddenly develops a life-threatening ailment; if that dog is saved from euthanasia by a human and treated, that qualifies as a rescue to us. Another example would be a dog who was saved from drowning.

Dogs simply purchased from a breeder do not qualify. We care about dogs in jeopardy. Where they come from, it doesn't matter.

Q: Why can't you make more dogs?
A: We're privately funded. Plus side is that we have total control. Down side is we can't make many. Super down side is we must have "Complaints of the Month" instead of FAQs.

Q: What is your mission exactly?
A: It's a simple one. To introduce the next generation to the idea of rescuing a dog as opposed to purcasing one. If they own a stuffie as a child that has a real story of rescue attached to it, they will grow up familiar with rescuing. Then, hopefully, rescue a dog in the future. The contest we hold is another way we hopefully inspire rescuing.

Q: I don't like shopping online. Why aren't you in stores?
A: That's one statement and a question. The statement we can't help you with. The question however; we are in stores, one is Amazon and the other is our website store. We think you mean brick and mortar stores. Next time be specific.

Q: Can you make my rescued cat as a Pibborafi?
A: No.

Q: Do you really help abandoned dogs in shelters or is that a marketing gimmick?
A: Yes. That is, we supply Pibborafi Rescue plushes to shelters and rescues for free so they can sell or auction them off and keep 100% of the profits for treating abandoned and abused dogs. We also donate a portion of proceeds of some plushies to rescues and shelters. If you want to call that a gimmick then yes, we gimmick the hell out of it.

Q: How do you choose your dogs? And how do I get my rescue in your contest?
A: The process consists of four steps:

  1. Find the cutest, most adorable digital picture of your pup that you can.
  2. Post that picture, along with with your pup's name, to our Instagram account under the hashtag: #pibbpickmypup. That gets you in the running.
  3. When the next Contest is close, Pibborafi will announce to everyone a specific date range when to submit their dog with a blurb about their rescue story. The dogs submitted within that date range only will be the new contenders.
  4. Any dog with any amount of followers can compete. Two categories exist, Superstar (20k and above followers), and Hometown (19,999 and below followers). The dogs with the most likes wins in each category. The winner/s get their dog done as a Pibborafi and recieve at least a dozen of their special toys free of charge with free shipping to their home or office. They also choose the rescue or charity they would like their plushie to support.

Q: In the 2019 Contest, you guys featured certain dogs on your IG page before the winners announcement. How do I get my dog featured?
A: Email us through our website and request your dog get featured. If they are a rescue, you qualify. It's an easy way to put an extra spotlight on your pup to attract Likes — But ALL pups are equal competitors. Even a non-featured pup can win if they get more Likes as long as they are posted within the date range announced. *Keep in mind, due to the number of requests we get, it may take a while to get your pup featured. But you'll have plenty of time before the next Contest.

Q: In the 2019 Contest, you selected 3 dogs in each category. Are you still going to do that?
A: That is at the discretion of the Pibborafi Management team. The Contest is designed to have one winner from each category. We don't know until they tell us. We're the last to be told anything. As usual.

Q: You know what, it's just better to donate directly to shelters. Nobody has to buy your dumb dolls.
A: We like your thinking. Email your resume to us here, please. Include a cover letter.

Q: Can I just get my own Pibborafi Plushie done and not wait for you to "select" me?
A: Yes! It's a program for 2019 called Secret Celebrity: It opens up the possibility for a doggie owner to commission our studio to design their pup guaranteed with no bother with selections. Beaux Tox was the first. The rules are extremely strict though. And a bit of a waiting list for this program. Email us for details.

Q: What if my dog is a really good seller for you, can I get some profits please?
A: Yes! If you don't opt for the Secret Celebrity program, you can participate in Pibborafi Unlimited where once your pup reaches past a certain sales threshold, you get a portion of profits! We'll send you an invitation to participate once your pup gets to that threshold. A nice easy way to do no work and get money.

Q: What's the sales threshold for Pibborafi Unlimited?
A: Only those approaching it are told that.

Q: Why is your name so weird?
A: Why are you so weird?

Q: I was one of those dog owners that was on your huge waiting list to get my dog done a few years back. I got an email from you saying I had to post pictures of my dog now on Instagram? Am I still on the list?
A: Yes you are. The list got crazy cuz it was so easy to just enter a name. We sent out a notice to everyone that to be considered now, you must submit a picture on our Instagram through our Contest. Yep you, and everyone else, is still on the list but we encourage all of you to post on Instagram, you will get chosen much, much, much quicker.

Q: It's a neat idea. But you're not the only ones who make toys after people's pets.
A: Consider us the lottery of the recreated-doggie-in-plush business. That means you enter your dog into our Contest, if your dog wins a category, you get your doggie-in-plush free with free shipping to your home. If your pup is popular, you get profit sharing. For everyone else, all of our shameful creations go for less than twenty bucks.

Q: Really? It looks like you decide on what toy dogs to make, then just wait until someone sends in pics that match, right?
A: That's so scandalous we might start doing that to live up to your question. Alas, we actually do choose the dogs from Instagram submissions. But fingers crossed, we may one day measure up to your expectations and celebrate with cake. For us, not you.

Q: Why do you do what you do?
A: A great question, finally. Take a look into the eyes of almost any animal. What do you see? We see innocent souls that need to be held close and rescued from harm. Dogs are especially important to us and through the funds we can funnel through animal rescues and shelter organizations, we are privileged to help all animals from Great Danes to squirrels and everything in between. The toys are simply a means to that end.

Q: Nothing you guys do is consistent. Do you even know what your brand is about?
A: What's your point?

Q: Why were your early dolls so much bigger than your current dolls?
A: Because. They were.

Q: How long can you hold your breath?
A: We believe this is a question for accounting. This is customer service.

Q: When did Pibborafi get founded?
A: January 2016.

Q: Are there any perks for working for your company? And please don't say free dolls.
A: Sure. We have a 12-step anger-management program that many are taking advantage of. We have installed cameras in the parking garage so we can minimize break-ins to your cars, and we've gotten rid of "that smell" in the lobby. We also have a gym in the building that no one is allowed to use because it's not owned by us—but it's there, so as far as management's concerned, it counts.

Q: Will you ever do a pop-up store?
A: Hell no. Well, unless we get people asking for one. Then maybe. If there's food involved. The kind that gets bought for us.

Q: You guys are too bitter to be making toys.
A: That seems more of a comment than a question. Please submit to the comment section. FYI: we have no comment section.

Q: What is wrong with you people?
A: Can you clarify "you people?"