Pibborafi Rescue Heroes

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ONCE YOU HAVE AN INVITATION, a purchase must be made to activate your perks like early access to new releases, sneak peeks, special discounts, limited edition pups, and new opportunities to get your dog done. Invitations expire in 48 hours of receipt.
What are the Pibborafi Rescue Heroes? What do they look like & How Do I Get One?
Each Pibborafi Rescue Hero plushie is a recreation of a real rescued dog and embodies the owner's love and support of rescue. What do they look like? See them here.

"Owning a Pibb is like flying a little flag that says, 'we like animals more than people.' And your money goes toward saving more animals."
  — Pibb fan, Maryland

To get one, simply request an Invitation. We'll review your request and send you out an Invitation with a link to the store. 30% of net proceeds per dog goes toward the rescue the owner of that dog has chosen.
Why Invitation Only?
To better manage the incredibly small inventory of each Pibborafi Rescue Hero plushie, it is necessary to limit sales to invitation-only.

How does my dog become one? Click or tap here to find out.

History of the Pibbs
As our fans know, all Pibborafi Rescue Hero plushies serve, and exist because of, animal rescue. Each individual plush doggie symbolizes the doggie owner's commitment and love of rescue and animal care.

Granted, production of these plushies are intermittent and we're not able to predict when the next ones will be produced, but owning one means you support saving animals.

Every single doggie that appears as a Pibborafi Rescue Hero plushie has gone through heartbreaking abuse or neglect that most of us could not survive without a broken spirit. Yet these dogs not only survive .. they continue to love humanity. The Pibborafi Rescue Hero plushies celebrate this.

Do you think your dog has what it takes to be a PIBBORAFI? Follow the arrow.

Pibborafi Rescue Heroes




Pibborafi Rescue Heroes


Pibborafi recreates real rescued dogs into palm-sized plush toys for children. The dogs that become Pibborafi Rescue Hero plushies come from people and families who care deeply for animal rescue and go above and beyond in their support of rescuing and saving animals.

They know that the most important aspect of their life is to return the love their animal has for them. By being selected as a Pibborafi, your dog joins a very exclusive group of animal lovers. A dog who is loved not only by their family, but by every person whom they meet.

Pibborafi Rescue Heroes

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Pibborafi Rescue Heroes