Pibborafi® Privacy Policy
Last modified January 3, 2020

Do we use cookies?

We do not use cookies.

Do we collect, store or otherwise disclose any personal information?

For the purpose of entering your dog on our List and otherwise purchasing a product from our website, we do collect your first and last name, your state, your email address, and photographs of your dog as submitted by you. We extract your information from our email client, then copy it onto our secure (unconnected to the Internet and password-protected) external hard-drives for storage so that we may choose names from this list for the purpose of getting your dog created as a Pibborafi® toy. We then permanently delete your information from our email client.

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties, other than the corporate partners we work with do do business, your personally identifiable information, or submitted photographs of your dog, unless required to do so under legal order and/or court proceedings.

You have the freedom to request that your name and information be permanently deleted from our storage at any time for any reason: we will execute your request and send you a confirmation email informing you of its deletion (there is no charge for this service). This web site is designed as an informational site and as a means an individual can contact us by email if they wish. By using this website and choosing to get your dog created as a Pibborafi® toy, you agree to these terms. Who are the corporate partners you do business with?

Each corporate partner protects the confidentiality of the personal information they collect for their clients, in this case, Pibborafi, Inc., under their own stringent privacy policies.

Pibborafi, Inc., works with one (1) corporate partner.
  1. Shopify, Inc. — https://www.shopify.ca/

What is the Legal Release I sign, and how is it handled?

The Legal Release you sign when you choose to have Pibborafi, Inc., create your dog as a toy is a document that stipulates the relationship Pibborafi, Inc., has with you as we create your dog as a toy. It establishes your absolute, and complete understanding that by agreeing to have Pibborafi, Inc., create your dog as a toy, you are entitled to no (no amount of) remuneration or compensation from Pibborafi, Inc., at any time for any reason. Further, that you willingly sign over all rights to Pibborafi, Inc., the privilege to sell your dog as a toy, collect and retain monies from the sale, with all the unique markings of your dog therein, for an unlimited amount of time.

The Legal Release is considered and kept by Pibborafi, Inc., as a confidential document in the possession of Pibborafi, Inc., for an unlimited amount of time. It is archived, in physical form, and will never be sold, traded, disclosed, shared or distributed to any outside party. Only a Court of Law will have the right to seize the Legal releases if the situation requires it.

Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

We are in compliance with the requirements of COPPA (Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act), we do not collect any information from anyone under 13 years of age.

Will you ever charge me for getting my dog made as a toy and would you store my credit card information?

No. Pibborafi, Inc., will never charge you for getting your dog made as a toy, and Pibborafi, Inc., will never ask for your credit card information in that process. Only if you choose to purchase a toy will you be required to use your credit card information and that will be handled securely by Shopify or Amazon.

Parties involved with Pibborafi Inc.

Each party, individual, involved, associated with, or doing/does business with Pibborafi Inc., formally or informally, maintains strict confidentiality in terms of daily business activities and handling of any proprietary or confidential information or documents. Any party, individual, or entity involved, associated with, or doing/does business with Pibborafi Inc., formally or informally, agrees to hold harmless and refrain from any form of slander/libel, extortion, or public disclosure that could damage the reputation of Pibborafi Inc., or its Officers at any time. Should any party be released from Pibborafi Inc., under any circumstance, that party is obligated to maintain absolute privacy as to the terms and/or conditions of their departure. Any breach of this provision will be considered a violation of this Policy and will be met with the appropriate legal means. Through the use of and/or visiting of this website, parties involved agree to these terms.

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Changes to our Privacy Policy

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This policy was last modified on January 3, 2020.

Contacting Us

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