Pibborafi Golden TagI want to grant you warm wishes.

If you find a Golden Tag like this one on any of our Pibborafi Rescue Hero plush children's toys, I will offer to recreate your family dog into a Pibborafi Rescue Hero plush children's toy at no charge. To qualify, your dog must be a rescued animal — simply meaning that you rescued, saved or adopted them at a shelter or rescue organization... not purchased them from a breeder or store.

In addition to receiving your free plushies, a small run of your toy will be created and 30% of proceeds will buy meals for dogs in the shelter or rescue of your choice. The organization of which I am a part, Pibborafi Inc., has been doing this quietly for our small band of followers since 2016.

Any rescued dog, located anywhere in the world, I will create for you in plush if you find a Golden Tag. You will receive 12 plushies of your pooch. No charge whatsoever, even free shipping.

Pibborafi Golden TagI invite you to see what your pup looks like as a plush toy and help feed dogs-in-need. Please keep in mind all Pibborafi Rescue Hero plush children's toys are CHILDREN'S TOYS only. They are not doggie chew toys. If you find your pooch chewing one, please take it from them immediately. What do these plush dolls look like? See them here.

Ten (10) Golden Tags will be distributed at random on all available Pibborafi Rescue Heroes from August 5th to December 20, 2022.

If you find a Golden Tag:

  1. Snap a photograph of the recipient holding both your plushie and the Golden tag clearly for the camera.
  2. Post it to: #pibbmypup, or better, post a short video and tag @pibborafi.
  3. You must reach out to us through our website here to let us know you found one. No registration or cost is required. We will ask for the name of the rescue organization that you adopted your dog from. Then we will give you the details of the process once you reach out to us.
  4. Wait for your plushies to arrive (the wait averages 3 to 4 months).


If you find a Golden Tag, but do not have a rescued dog, or have no dog at all, you may give the tag to anyone else whom you think would like a plushie of their rescued dog done.

Pibborafi Rescue Heroes are only available through pibborafi.com and can only ship within the continental USA. If you live outside of the USA, Pibborafi Inc., will honor and promise to recreate your dog if you find a Golden Tag, you just need to find a way to acquire one.

Good luck to all ten of you.. wherever you may be in the world. On behalf of myself and Pibborafi Inc., I look forward to recreating all of your dogs in plush very soon.

Pibborafi Inc.